Soul Jewels
Soul Jewels

Soul Mates May Be Rare, but the Desirable Partners to a Relationship
A soul mate may be defined as another person with whom one is in love, or has a deep feeling or natural affinity. The implication of a soul mate in current usage is a romantic partner with whom one has a lifelong bond. It is considered a phrase used more rarely than romantic partner or spouse. Different definitions exist for differing cultures; however, all agree that it is the strongest romantic bond one can share with another person. Many feel that they are ‘complete’ as a person when they have found their soul mate. Others describe the relationship as a union that was ‘meant to be.’

The Good GOD Versus the Evil Devil: Part 2. God and the Animal Soul
Summary: Your Animal soul is made up of both light and dark energy receptors that get activated respectively through energy coming either from our Divine soul or our evil inclination The energy follows distinct energy pathways that are measurable

The Bodiless Soul in the Spirit World and the Soul Energy Inside Our Bodies Are Mini-Brains; Yet, Soul Intelligence is Miniscule in Comparison to the
Summary Although I am a believer in God and that He gave us our souls to give us life, I am also a scientist and one can explain the workings of the human body based purely on science When I was a Professor at Stony Brook University, I did just that when I taught the pharmacology of salivary secretion to the Dental and PhD students

Divine Soul Versus Human Brain and Heart Function: Where Do Intelligence, Wisdom, Thought, Voice, Love, Passion, Memory, Imagination, Happiness, Fanta
Summary During the course of a day, you can have hundreds even thousands of thoughts, each one becoming the 'now' of the moment IBM devised a computer that drew a tie with the human brain of Russian chess champion Gary Kasparov but could that IBM computer be a match for Kasparov's intelligent soul

How Do the Divine Soul and Oxygen Provide Life to the Body? What Are Positive and Negative Soul Energies and How Do They Affect Our Survival?
You may wonder what your purpose is in life, but have you given any thought to how you can be alive in your physical body Can you be open enough to accept the premise that your Divine soul along with oxygen providing energy to your body cells is responsible for life

God and Our Bodiless Divine Souls in the Spirit World Live For All Eternity: Can We in Our Physical Bodies Live Forever?
Can you even begin to imagine how you can live forever God does it

How to Choose a Great Soul Food Restaurant
There is no cooking like home cooking From time to time, people crave for the comfort and goodness that is duly delivered by soul food recipes

Finding a Soulmate: quest that makes life worth trying!
It is not an unusual event for us to meet someone on the road, who seems familiar... more familiar than most known faces. Relationships are not accidental; they all have a meaning, or purpose, or a reason. Most of the relationships we create for our present lives have soul mission carried from the past lives. That is the reason, they are connected to our souls and called soul mates; the intensity if emotions we feel for these people hints at the depth of our bonds or soul contracts with them. Finding Soulmates is easy: Soulmates are attracted in our current lives with a purposive lesson or aimed learning that tour soul had taken upon it to learn or discover. Soulmates could be our close friends, father, mother, and relatives, siblings etc ...

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